Patch Notes
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(October 24, 2013 Wizard Wars)
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(November 5, 2013 Wizard Wars)
  • You can now choose your (permanent) Wizard name, choose carefully as this will be the name that will be yours until the sky falls and the world ends! (Yup, THAT long)
  • IMPressive Imps have made an appearance! The Imps have now finished their top-tier elite VIP imp-training and have now been deemed well-mannered enough to grace our battlefields. You will begin to see some new names appearing (at least one will be familiar to our IMPressive founders!).
  • Oodles of spell buffs, nerfs, tweaks and changes. Check the more in depth list below.


  • [balance] Barriers are now VERY vulnerable to beams and sprays. Our budding builders will have to think of new tactics to dodge these spells.
  • [balance] Elemental sprays cancel opposite Elemental Walls quicker.
  • [balance] Decreased Haste speed and Duration. Usain Bolt can now rest easy again.
  • [balance] Increased Meteor Shower Duration and amount of Meteors.
  • [balance] Increased Stone Prison duration. Now with added extra "I'm in a stone case of emotion" fun!
  • [balance] Increased Tactical Dragon Strike cast time, reduced Tactical Dragon Strike damage to sane levels. Dragons successfully tamed. Somewhat.
  • [balance] Increased Lightning AoE damage. Thor is pleased.
  • [balance] Decreased Steam spray damage.
  • [balance] Increased Fire and Cold spray damage.
  • [balance] Increased Ice projectile damage (including life component). Let the snowball fights begin!
  • [balance] Decreased Heal from life+lightning walls.

Training Ground[]

  • [trainingground] Cast Magick task in training ground changed to Thunderstorm.


  • [imp] IMPressive pack Imp names are now in the game.
  • [imp] Login imp texture tweak
  • [imp] Login screen imp silenced (dont feel sorry for him, he actually enjoys it)

Wizard Name[]

  • [wizardname] Wizard name strings updated
  • [wizardname] Slightly improved feedback when the profile failed to be created.
  • [wizardname] Remove friend list elements that are not used on offline users.
  • [wizardname] Limit wizard name input to 16 characters.
  • [wizardname] Now setting it directly after logging in instead of in the menu.


  • [persistence] Fixed tokens on game server.


  • [telemetry] Fix for transactions on release.
  • [telemetry] Send login screen error messages.
  • [telemetry] Now logging client error messages. Minor gui fix.


  • [logging] Rotated logs now contain a consistent id in filename, plus starts with build and date info.


  • [network] Server no longer sends anything to itself (except in LAN server-client special case)


  • [melee] Attack movement fix part 2
  • [melee] Attack movement fix


  • [network] Removed sending stuff from server to self.


  • [login server]: Re-fetch store items when updating token due to timeout.
  • [store server]: Retry offers.


  • [transactions] Fixed token id on live.