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Outsmouth is a multiplayer map from Challenge mode. The Magicka: The Stars Are Left DLC is required. This challenge is unique in that you start off with only life Life (W) but gain a new element every wave, starting with lightning Lightning (A) in wave 2 and random after that.


Wave Enemies
01 Cultist (x2)
02 Cultist (x4)
03 Cultist (x9)
04 Deep One (x6)
05 Cultist (x2), Deep One (x6)
06 Cultist (x9), Deep One (x6)
07 Cultist (x9), Deep One (x6), Shoggoth (x1)
08 Cultist (x8), Deep One (x5), Elder Thing (x2)
09 Cultist (x10), Deep One (x8), Elder Thing (x2), Shoggoth (x1)
10 Cultist (x9), Dagon (x1)