Staff Information
Game Description: Filled with star sprangled courage decorated with a bold eagle sitting proudly on its couragous pinnacle.
Passive: None
Active: Liberty Granade
Location: Magicka: Vietnam, it is the default staff for the GI wizard.

All good patriots should always carry their Patriot Staff with them. Appears in Magicka: Vietnam and can only be obtained with the "GI" wizard model as the default starting staff.


You can throw Liberty Grenades (that can be pushed).


  • It is a starting staff with a useful ability.
  • Good damage for area.
  • If you're a patriot, this staff should raise your morale.


  • It is still a starting staff, so it is still not as useful as some other staffs in the game.
  • Reckless usage of grenades will easily result killing yourself and your teammates.
  • Attempting to heal one's self without due care could result in an errant grenade undoing your work