Portal Information Portal.png
Game Description: If you constantly feel cornered, unappreciated, and headed for certain doom, maybe you are in need of a door to another location! With astonishing new Portal(s), you can create gates between locations and freely roam wherever you like
Combination: SteamLightning (A)Shield (E)
Keycode: QFAE
Location: Chapter 3: across a gap near the final door, passable with the Rogue Robes' smoke bomb or with mines. Also accessible from the other side after you deactivate the tentacles

Spell effects[]

Portal is an environmental spell that creates an orange/blue portal that links to the other. Passing through the portal will let you out through the opposite side of the opposite portal, conserving momentum. The same can be done with projectiles, lasers, enemies, and minions.


  • Fun to play with.


  • Not very useful for combat or transportation.


  • Obviously a reference to the Valve games: Portal and Portal 2.