Propp's Party Plasma Information Popps Party Plasma.png
Game Description: Originally intending to invent a "fun for the family" Magick, Propp accidentally created a very powerful and unpredictable spell capable of detroying even the most powerful of forest trolls. This amazing magick, however, went missing after some "brave" wizards decided to go troll-hunting
Combination: Element fire.pngSteamArcane (S)
Keycode: FFQS
Location: Chapter 2 of The Stars Are Left - After bothering Edgar in Veiditorp repeatedly, he bribes you to go away by telling you to get it from the store in the old broken goblin ship.

Spell effects[]

Propp's Party Plasma is a directional spell that fires a wild projectile that flies a crooked pattern into the ground in front of you, doing extremely strong arcane-fire damage


  • Fun!
  • Deals 10k damage when it connects.
  • For such a powerful spell, wizards can cast it very quickly.
  • Ridiculously effective in larger, semi-immobile enemies such as Parker or Cthulhu.


  • Not very precise.
  • Casting within an Area or Barrier Shield or near a wall (or rock/ice barrier) is an instant death sentence for you and anyone nearby (unless you have suitable protection).
  • Its damage type is Arcane, which makes it heal undead enemies.


  • First seen in Chapter One of the main campaign, cast by Propp himself, with sexy results.
  • Putting on a arcane ward as it lands on you will cause you to get blasted with incredible knockback.