Propp's Party Plasma Information
Popps Party Plasma.png
Game Description: Originally intending to invent a "fun for the family" Magick, Propp accidentally created a very powerful and unpredictable spell capable of detroying even the most powerful of forest trolls. This amazing magick, however, went missing after some "brave" wizards decided to go troll-hunting
Combination: Element fire.png Element steam.png Element arcane.png
Keycode: FFQS
Location: Chapter 2 of The Stars Are Left - After bothering Edgar in Veiditorp repeatedly, he bribes you to go away by telling you to get it from the store in the old broken goblin ship.

Spell effects

Propp's Party Plasma is a directional spell that fires a wild projectile that flies a crooked pattern into the ground in front of you, doing extremely strong arcane-fire damage


  • Fun!
  • Deals 10k damage when it connects.
  • For such a powerful spell, wizards can cast it very quickly.
  • Ridiculously effective in larger, semi-immobile enemies such as Parker or Cthulhu.


  • Not very precise.
  • Casting within an Area or Barrier Shield or near a wall (or rock/ice barrier) is an instant death sentence for you and anyone nearby (unless you have suitable protection).
  • Its damage type is Arcane, which makes it heal undead enemies.


  • First seen in Chapter One of the main campaign, cast by Propp himself, with sexy results.
  • Putting on a arcane ward as it lands on you will cause you to get blasted with incredible knockback.
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