Rain Information Magick rain.png
Game Description: Call upon the rain Gods without having to resort to dancing. Makes crops happy and lava streams sad.
Combination: Water(Q)Steam
Keycode: QQF
Location: Chapter Two: Found in the first cave you come across that is guarded by goblins.

Spell effects[]

Rain is a weather modifying Magick that can only be used outdoors. When cast indoors, it has no effect other than to waste 2 seconds of casting time. When cast, it causes the scene to darken considerably to 1/3 of its usual brightness and the entire scene will start to rain for 17.5 seconds.

Rain will cause the wet status effect to be applied to all units in the scene every 0.25 seconds except those protected inside a shield bubble and/or have water immunity. Attempting to conjure a Lightning (A) element while wet will damage the wizard instead of queuing that element, thus it is impossible to cast any spell involving a Lightning (A) element. This applies to both enemies and players. Additionally, wet characters take twice as much damage from spells with the Lightning (A) element as well as from Thunder Bolt and Thunder Storm.

Rain will also douse all burning fire patches in the scene, including Grease patches set on fire. Any unit that is burning will first become dry, and then become wet 0.25 seconds later.

There are 2 ways of preventing yourself from being wet by Rain:

  1. Using a shield bubble (Shield (E)+Area Cast). Must be used before casting Rain, otherwise the wizard has to dry himself inside the bubble.
  2. Using a water immunity aura (Water(Q)Shield (E)+Self Cast) which makes the caster immune to wet. Can be used both before or after casting Rain. However, the immunity aura only lasts for 10 seconds.

Rain can be stopped by casting Nullify.


  • Changes the battlefield significantly and can be combo-ed with Thunder Bolt and other lightning spells for great effect.
  • Can kill enemy wizards if they attempt to use lightning elements without drying themselves.
  • Can be combined with Blizzard to freeze every wet unit or, when you want to be dry AND not chilled, with cold spells (Arcane (S)Earth (D)Cold (R) is very good).


  • The darkened scene can be difficult to see when Rain is active.
  • Rain can wet the caster as well as allies, preventing the use of crucial Magicks such as Revive.
  • Can be removed by Nullify and countered by water immunity aura.
  • Can only be used in outdoor areas.


  • Rain is used by Druids and Grimnir.
  • Tree Spirits conjured by Druids and from using the Gnarled Staff's active ability have Water(Q) absorption ability and thus they cannot be wet by any means including Rain.