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Revive Information
Magick revive.png
Game Description: As your friends drop dead one by one, you might wish to revive them so the enemy might attack them instead of you. Plus, they might even return the favor someday.
Combination: Element life.png Element lightning.png
Keycode: WA
Location: Chapter One: Given to you automatically after the end of the tutorial dungeon by Shams.

Spell effects

Revive causes a friendly wizard that is dead to be resurrected with 10% of his maximum hitpoints. This is 100 hp as all wizards have a maximum of 1000 hp (Staff of War does not affect this as the dead player will have dropped it on the floor on death). The revived wizard is resurrected 0.25 seconds after Revive is cast at the location 4 distance away from the caster in the direction he is looking at on safe ground.

If multiple players are dead, the player that is selected to be resurrected is the "most right" wizard (where "most right" wizard here means the wizard's position in the lobby screen).

The Revive Magick does not do anything if there are no dead players, thus it is useless in a single player game.

The Revive Magick can also be found on the Staff of Life as its active ability with a cooldown of 15 seconds.


  • Has a very short combination sequence so it can be cast quickly.
  • Cannot be countered.


  • The Staff of Life can cast Revive faster, but the staff has a cooldown of 15 seconds.
  • Completely useless in a single player game.
  • Impossible to cast when wet, so player needs to have water ward or cast Nullify when a Rain or Thunder Storm is active. Also this one second for self-casting fire can be the second in which the last wizard dies.


  • All wizards have this spell in Adventure Mode as it is automatically acquired.
  • If a Element fire.png is added to the end of Revive's elemental combination, it becomes the Summon Phoenix magick which revives all dead players.

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