Righteous Rod of Runes

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Concept Art of wizard casting Magicks on a stave Magickpedia Item Pages: Righteous Rod of Runes

Name Passive Active Location
Righteous Rod of Runes Lightning Immunity Aura Lightning Damage Aura Chapter 11: Dropped by dwarven priests.

Chapter 6: Dropped by the dwarven priest in during mind battle.

Righteous Rod of Runes

The Righteous Rod of Runes is commonly carried by Dwarvish Priests - who are pretty well-grounded little pests to start with.


While holding the Righteous Rod of Runes you and anyone within a medium-sized radius are immune to lightning effects.

The Lighting Damage Aura is a unique ability that cannot be cast. It creates a large radius within which all targets take frequent pulses of moderate lightning damage. Note that creatures within the protective inner radius will NOT be affected by the damage aura.

Best Use

This staff is best used for the continuous protection it affords from high damage lightning effects.
NOTE: Does this staff provide full immunity from Thunderstorm strikes? Please confirm!

Pros and Cons

+ Protects against lightning, which is a common component in the most damaging spells.
+ With careful maneuvering (and rain) the damage aura is a fairly good area damage effect.
- The damage aura won't affect opponents who get too close, so careful use is necessary for full effect.