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Staff Information
Righteous Rod of Runes.jpg
Game Description: A staff used by the dwarven priests of Galdrhöll.
Passive: Lightning Immunity Aura
Active: Lightning Damage Aura

The Righteous Rod of Runes is commonly carried by Dwarvish Priests.


All targets within a radius around the wielder become invulnerable to lightning.

  • The Lighting Damage Aura is a unique ability. When activated, it generates a large radius within which all targets take frequent pulses of moderate lightning damage.
  • Note that creatures within the staff's protective inner radius will NOT be affected by the damage aura.
  • Best Use: This staff is best used for its lightning immunity passive buff. In particular, it is one of the few relatively safe ways to employ the Thunder Storm magick.


  • Continuous protection from Lightning, which is a common component in the most damaging spells.
  • With careful maneuvering (and Rain), the damage aura is a fairly good area damage effect.


  • The lightning damage aura does not affect units who get too close (within the lightning immunity aura), so careful positioning is necessary for full effect.
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