Rings are available in the game Magicka: Wizard Wars.

Level Crowns Icon Name Stats Description
4? 2500 Icon Ice Crystal Ring.png Ice Crystal Ring Water(Q) - 5 Cold (R) + 5 A gemstone made of pure ice. Keep away from flames or the warranty wears off.
4? 2500 Icon Wave Gem Ring.png Wave Gem Ring Water(Q) + 5 Cold (R) - 5 Reminds you of the oceanside, and of blue gems.
6 3000 Icon Ring of Healing.png Ring of Healing Life (W) + 5 Shield (E) - 5 A gem filled with the essence of vitality. Tapped from 100% pure infants!
6 3000 Icon Ring of Slight Protection.png Ring of Slight Protection Life (W) - 5 Shield (E) + 5 Wearing this ring helps you maintain your self-esteem among other things.
8 4000 Icon Hippie Ring.png Hippie Ring Lightning (A) - 5 Earth (D) + 5 A ring charged with the all-natural (no chemicals added) energy of the earth.
8 4000 Icon Static Gem Ring.png Static Gem Ring Lightning (A) + 5 Earth (D) - 5 A ring adorned by a gem charged with static electricity. Touch it at your own risk.
12 5000 Icon Flame Seal Ring.png Flame Seal Ring Death (S) - 5 Fire (F) + 5 Perfect for signing arson notes.
12 5000 Icon Red Ring of Death.png Red Ring of Death Death (S) + 5 Fire (F) - 5 Keeps breaking when being used, but at least they send you a new one every time it happens (shipping up to 6 weeks).
16 6000 Icon Placebo Ring.png Placebo Ring Health +50 Movespeed -4% Makes you feel better, even though it really does nothing. But HUSH! It's a secret to everyone...
16 6000 Icon Ring of Speed.png Ring of Speed Health -50 Movespeed +4% Add +5 to Movement Stat... I mean... "Makes you feel lighter and like you can run even faster when wearing it".