Vanilla Wizard robe

Robes are equipments used by Wizards.

Vanilla WizardEdit

"There's no need to wear anything else. The basic robe is fancy enough" -Unknown regular scholar arguing with hat-wearing scholar.

Default Staff: Basic Wizards Staff

Default Weapon: Blunt Blade

Default Traits: None

Tank RobeEdit

Wizards weren't made to wear armor. They don't have the right physique for it.

Default Staff: Greater Shield of Protection

Default Weapon: Extra Blunted Blade

Default Traits:

  • Slower Movement Speed
  • Higher HP
  • Highly Resistant to Damage

Battle Robe UniformEdit

"You're in the army now"

Default Staff: Patriots Staff

Default Weapon: M16A1

Default Traits: Staff allows to throw hand granades

Rogue RobeEdit

"As the smoke settled, the trickster wizard was nowhere to be found. The poison was beginning to take it's toll, and it soon would be all over."

Default Staff: Smoke Bombs

Default Weapon: Compact Crossbow

Default Traits:

  • Faster Movement Speed
  • Lower HP
  • Crouching grants Invisibility
  • Staff allows you to teleport backwards and release a smoke bomb

Robe and HatEdit

"It's all in the hat!" - Unknown hat-wearing scholar arguing with regular scholar

Default Staff: Staff + 1

Default Weapon: Sharp Blade

Default Traits: None

Patched RobeEdit

He swore that he would keep working on his robe until it was done. At the time, it wasn't pretty but at least it was holding together.

Default Staff: Bug Staff

Default Weapon: Broken Sword

Default Traits: Staff summons a swarm of bugs in a small area.

Nippon RobeEdit

Seldom has a wizard enjoyed such fine quality in a robe-- and the hat is really quite practical.

Default Staff: Staff of Endurance

Default Weapon: Yawarakai-Te

Default Traits: Staff gives Resistances to all elements.

Reservoir RobeEdit

I don't want to read about no reservoir wizards.

Default Staff: Basic Wizard's Staff

Default Weapon: M1911

Default Traits: None

Cyber RobeEdit

"I tried to picture clusters of elements as they moved through the void. What did they look like? Fire, Water, Arcane? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day...I got in." - from The Magick Grid, written by Grimnir

Default Staff: Cyber Staff

Default Weapon: Cyber disk

Default Traits:

  • Arcane Weakness
  • Life Immunity
  • Lightning Absorption (Absorption= Healing)
  • Water Weakness

Frontier RobeEdit

Some say that Yellow is always the first to go, but Wizards wearing this robe know it's always Red.

Default Staff: Dueling Staff

Default Weapon: Type 2 Phaser

Default Traits: None

Support RobeEdit

Selflessness, skill, and sacrifice. These three traits are requisite for any supporting role, and are lacking in pretty much all wizards.

Default Staff: Staff of Everlasting Support

Default Weapon: Healing Hands

Default Traits:

  • Staff reduces spell efficiency, but boosts allied spells.

Tentacle RobeEdit

"Today feels like the right day to take on the world, you know?" - Cosplaying Wizard smalltalking with his only imaginary friend.

Default Staff: Chron-o-Rod

Default Weapon: Red Death-Phazer

Default Traits:

  • Increased HP +200
  • Physical Resistance
  • Fire Weakness
  • Staff activation casts the Time Warp magick.

Epic RobeEdit

"LFG for Paradox Castle! Know all tacts! No Grief! Gear score>9000 req plz!!!" - Lonely wizard roaming Castle Aldrheim.

Default Staff: Epic Staff

Default Weapon: Epic Sword

Default Traits:

  • Increased HP
  • Arcane Resistance
  • Life Resistance
  • Physical Resistance
  • Staff activation gives +11% damage aura for a few seconds.

Zombie RobeEdit

"That's the old passage to Ravenheim. We don't go there anymore." - Half Life 2 reference.

Default Staff: Lambda Staff

Default Weapon: Crowbar

Default Traits:

  • Resilient
  • Slow
  • Poison Immunity

Space RobeEdit

The MK5 Space Robe protects its wearer from everyday hazards including, but not limited to, Death, Mutilation, Lawsuits, and Space Weather.

Default Staff: Library Staff

Default Weapon: Gyrojet Pistol

Default Traits:

  • Armor
  • Panic Immunity
  • Regeneration
  • Life Immunity
  • Poison Immunity
  • Fire Resistance
  • Cold Resistance
  • Arcane Weakness
  • Lightning Weakness

Crusader RobeEdit

"Go forth, and bring enlightenment to the people, show them the power of the wizard order" - The Headmaster, sending a few wizards on a holy mission to a nerby fishing village

Default Staff: Holy Shield

Default Weapon: Sharp Blade

Default Traits:

  • Armored

Coldarr RobeEdit

"Once a prolific cryomancer in the wizarding community, Coldarr watched in horror as one of his spells went terribly wrong, freezing his beloved. With a heart now turned to ice, he blames the world for giving him the cold shoulder when he most needed a warm embrace." - DLC description

Flamos RobeEdit

"Wizard law enforcement officers are all burnt out on ideas of how to confront the infernal mind of Flamos. He seems to have but one burning desire: to set the world on fire!" - DLC description


"His parents wouldn’t believe his electricity allergy was real, and instead sent the poor young Electrobe for a dose of shock treatment. Little did they know that the voltage overload would flick one final switch in his weakened mind, and awaken an insane villain with a sparking vengeance..." - DLC description