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Robes are what determines the appearance of your wizard. Some robes give different bonusses and/or penalties to your elements when casting spells or taking damage. Some Robes Also have special abilities. New robes are unlocked by completing trials, challenges and chapters in the main campaign.

Main Robes[edit | edit source]

Astronomer robe icon.PNG Astronomer Robe
Feskar robe icon.PNG Feskar Robe
Lab robe icon.PNG Lab Robe
Pyromaniac robe icon.PNG Pyromaniac Robe
Robin robe icon.PNG Robin Robe
Vanir armor icon.PNG Vanir Armor
Vanir robe icon.PNG Vanir Robe
Wizard robe icon.PNG Wizard Robe
Wuxia robe icon.PNG Wuxia Robe

DLC Robes[edit | edit source]

Cultist robe icon.PNG Cultist Robe
Daeth apprentice robe icon.PNG Death Apprentice Robe
Gusoku robe icon.PNG Gusoku Robe
Headmaster robe icon.PNG Headmaster Robe
Platypus robe icon.PNG Platypus robe
Raiments of arobea icon.PNG Raiments of Arobea
Robe of riviera icon.PNG Robe of Riviera
Scavenger robe icon.PNG Scavenger Robe
Warlock robe icon.PNG Warlock Robe
Warlord dragon armor icon.PNG Warlord Dragon Armor
Winter ruler robe icon.PNG Winter Ruler Robe

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