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Staff Information
Er teleport rod.jpg
Game Description: Useful in emergency situations, when anywhere is better than where you currently are.
Passive: None
Active: Teleports the user to a random location
Location: Chapter 2: Dropped by the Goblin Shaman. Also dropped by the Goblin Shamans in the Mind Games at the end of Chapter 6.


  • Random Teleport, that might be very useful in start of the game.(Same as the Magick Teleport.)


  • This Staff looks like very impressive.
  • Functions well as a Panic Button of sorts. Cast it when overwhelmed.
  • Its teleport ability often protects way better than all these aura-generating or 0,0001% resistance-providing staves.
  • You can use its teleport ability to get over small gaps or rivers.


  • No Passive Abilities.
  • You can't predict where the staff will teleport you to.
  • When fighting on a bridge, can give you instant death + no method of getting back staff and weapon.