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Staff Information
Game Description: Inside its neck resides a powerful and absorbent staff.
Passive: Boosts Water and Steam Spells.
Active: Tornado
Location: Magicka: Aspiring Musician Robes, it is the default staff for the Epic Sax Robe.

Appears in Magicka: Aspiring Musician Robes and can only be obtained with the "Epic Sax Robe" wizard model as the default starting staff.


  • Blowing into the Saxophone will conjure forth a Tornado which behaves like a regularly casted tornado.


  • Can keep crowd control even in large groups and can cause cliff-falls.
  • Brief bits of smooth jazz per cast, oh yeah baby.


  • It can cause the death of fellow wizards if not used wisely.
  • Can limit movement and escape routes.