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Staff Information
Sceptre of the troll king.jpg
Game Description: The long-lost sceptre of the ancient and charming troll king
Passive: Makes enemies less likely to attack the wielder
Active: Charm target
Location: Chapter 9: After the battle with the summoned undead soldiers and zombies in the graveyard, head west into the tomb instead of through the locked door you destroyed.

The Sceptre of the Troll King signifies your right to rule. It excels in the hands of wizards who prefer to let their minions do the fighting.


  • While holding the Sceptre of the Troll King enemies are much less likely to target you, preferring to attack any other wizards or allies on the battlefield instead.
  • Best Use : This staff is ideal for use with summons spells such as Raise Dead or Summon Elemental that can produce allies to distract your enemies away from you, leaving you free to cast offensive spells with impunity.


  • One of the best staves for wizards who prefer summoning Magicks.
  • Charm is particularly effective against singularly tough enemies such as Armored Trolls.


  • Ineffective if you're the only thing around for monsters to target.