This article is for the Sherlock Holmes Achievement.

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Sherlock Holmes
Find all secret areas in the game.

There are a total of 14 Secret Locations in the game. Well, there might be more locations which are hard to find, but there are only 14 locations which counts towards this achievement.

It may seem redundant but the Secret Locations usually have a Magick or an Item in them.

The locations are listed in order of appearance sorted by chapter. For visual support, refer to this video.

Chapter 1[]

Chapter 2[]

  • In the forest after killing the first troll (that is eating a moose) in the tree above it you can find Gram.(this does not count towards the sherlock holmes achievement)
  • The area where you get Sword of the Masters, by freezing the river and going north after the battle with Goblin Hood (green goblin archer) and gang.
  • The troll cave that contains the refrigerator with the Frost Staff inside, where a troll came out at the area before the boss.

Chapter 4[]

Chapter 8[]

  • After the horizontal bridge battle, there is a T-junction. The north path continues through the level, but the south path leads to the secret area and the Summon Phoenix Magick.
  • The far east of the first part area of the mine cave, the bridge with explosive barrels leads to Staff of Fire. Teleport over or use the bridge if you didn't set off the explosives.
  • The lower west of blinding dark area (by burning the wobbly platform or teleporting there) where you'll find the weapon Stung.
  • The top ledge where you get Staff of Invisibility, near the manual checkpoint.

Chapter 9[]

  • The left-hand side tomb outside of abandoned church (the battle before the entering) where you'll find Sceptre of the Troll King.

Chapter 11[]

  • Starting area, the southeast ledge that leads to the Invisibility Magick.
  • The northwest of second area in the castle/cathedral, where you open the another room with the flame element that lead to the Summon Elemental Magick.
  • At the dwarven army (long hallway before lava area), using lightning on the cog at the wall (2-3 times) near the grid door will unlock it (Warning: you will irretrievably lose your current weapon upon obtaining the Holy Divider unless you die before the next manual checkpoint).