Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Order of Magick
Location Castle Aldrheim, Midgård
Appearances Magicka

Shams is a character featured in Magicka.


Shams is a wizard in the Order of Magick. He appears during Chapter 1: The Fancy Menace, during which he is attending the "Saving the World" party in the common room of Castle Aldrheim.

Upon encountering the players, he informs them that the party is running low on cheese but Baleyg has been sent to retrieve more from the eastern tower. Suddenly, an excited Propp casts a spell exploding a hole in the floor through which the players fall. Shams yells down that they will send help after boarding up the floor. The players continue through the basement and are confronted by Behold the Watcher, whom they kill in order to escape upstairs. Back in the common room, the players are again greeted by Shams. He informs them that he sent down the Order's pet Watcher to search for them, but he hasn't returned.