Shield is one of the elements in the game Magicka. It has no Element Type.


  • Protective Shield
  • Can be boosted
  • Opposes other Shields

Attributes and UsageEdit

Shield opposes itself. Only one shield element can be in a spell at a time. When ever one shield would cross another, they both immediately dispel. Having a personal shield and walking through another shield or bumping into another wizard with a personal shield will dispel both shields.


Shield has a unique effects on other elements when cast.

Standard CastEdit

Right Click

Just using a single shield element will conjure up a curved Shield Wall. The Shield Wall will reflect beam spells cast on it. It can also be boosted by hitting the space bar while hovering the cursor over it. No effects can pass through the wall

Shield Wall

Shield element cast with Force, creating a Shield Wall.

When combined with Life or Arcane elements, the spell will create magical Mines that either heal or damage their surroundings, respectively.

Shield elements can be combined with most other elements to create barriers. For instance, Earth, Fire, Shield will create a Volcano Wall that will absorb physical damage and deal heavy fire damage to all melee attackers.

AoE CastEdit

Sift+Right Click

This cast will create a full dome shield with just a shield element, or completely encircle the wizard with the same effects as standard casting.

Self CastEdit

Center Click

Just a single shield element when self cast will place a personal shield on the wizard. Casting on self again will remove the shield. While this personal shield is up the wizard is immune to elements effects, thus cannot be ignited, dampened, slowed, poisoned, or frozen. Also all healing spells cast on the wizard will heal the shield and not your health. If you were ignited, dampened, slowed, frozen, or poisoned before you put up the shield you will need to drop the shield if you wish to remove any of these conditions. The personal shield will also reflect beam spells similarly to Shield Wall.

Using a shield in conjunction with Earth or Ice will encase the caster in a Protective Shell of the chosen element, which can absorb large amounts of damage. The shell can be broken prematurely by casting any other spell. Note: The shell prevents any movement or physical attack by the caster.

Shield in Action Magicka

Self-Cast Shield in Magicka 2

Combining Shield elements with a single other type of element will create an Immunity Aura when casted with Self. This will grant an aura around you that will absorb all damage of that element for about 15 seconds. Use more of the other element to increase the range of the aura. Note: Aura will affect enemies.

Weapon CastEdit

Sift+Left Click

When applied to the wizard's weapon with the Enchant casting method, it will create a straight wall-like shield, as opposed the the hemisphere created by Force casting the shield spell. This applies to other elemental-wall combinations as well, such as Fire Wall or Lightning Wall.

A special spell is the ShieldIceLightningFire for a miniature lightning storm.