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Staff Information
Game Description: Though they are considered cowardly by many, Smoke Bombs are perfect for creating distractions, and relocating yourself quickly in the face of imminent danger, such as high velocity projectiles and charging Beastmen.
Passive: None
Active: Smoke and Shadowstep
Location: Magicka: Party Robes DLC, it is the default staff for the Rogue wizard.

Appears in Magicka: Party Robes DLC and can only be obtained with the "Rogue Wizard" wizard model as the default starting staff.


You can instantly teleport straight backwards in a puff of smoke. The teleport distance is the same as that of a normal Teleport Magick.


  • Can be great for a quick getaway if enemies get too close
  • Complements the Rogue's hit-and-run style


  • Arguably not as useful to a Rogue as health/resistance-increasing staves
  • Accidental teleportation may warp you into danger, or off a ledge