Staff +1

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Staff Information
Game Description: Once there was a wizard that forged a staff to increase the powers of his spells, to gain the edge over his "peers".
Passive: Adds one to all spell damage
Active: None
Location: Wizard Hat DLC, it is the default staff for the hat wizard.

The Staff +1 appears in the Wizard Hat DLC and can only be obtained with the "Wizard Hat" wizard model as the default starting staff.


Your spells deal one (1) point additional damage. Nightmare Hailstone deals more than 10000 without Staff +1. Powerful item, isn't it?


  • +1 to all damage.
  • It looks cool... ish...



In Dungeons and Dragons a staff +1 is probably one of the first magic items a wizard acquires and it has a great impact on the game. In Magicka on the other hand not so much.