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Staff Information
Staff of deflection.jpg
Game Description: A staff specially devised for combating enemies who favor missile weapons.
Passive: None
Active: Deflect Aura
Location: Chapter 6: In the hand of a statue before the first mini-boss.

The Staff of Deflection is a rod topped with a gold disc cast in the shape of a sun found at World's End.


  • It has no passive abilities, but possesses the ability to conjure a powerful deflection aura that will make all projectile(including your own and allies) within the aura fly away from you
  • This aura will extend to any of your party members standing adjacent to you, protecting them as well as yourself.
  • Best Use: Party Support
  • The aura can also be used to drastically increase the power of Earth (D) attacks. The aura will deflect your own attacks away from you, accelerating the missile to maximum speed. This means that you can throw out 4 or 5 Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D) attacks in the space of an aura, at the same power as if you had charged them to maximum without charging. This is perfect for annihilating large groups of enemies or sniping off high priority targets.


  • Use the aura to temporarily shield badly-injured party members while they heal up.
  • Use the aura in conjunction with high-damage Beam spells to draw the fire of enemy wizards.
  • In semi-rare cases, bounce their spells back towards other enemies.
  • Use the aura together with your own projectile spells to increase the range and damage of uncharged projectiles to that of charged ones, if a bit less accurate


  • No passive abilities.