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Staff Information
Game Description: The crystal cores of these staves have been intentionally compromised, to allowing their magical energies to seep out and find their way into other nearby crystals. This makes the staff itself inferior to others, but any wizards in the presence of the cracked crystal find their own staves far more potent.
Passive: Decreased spell efficiency, Spell boosting aura
Active: None
Location: Magicka: Party Robes DLC, it is the default staff for the Support wizard.


While you would expect the support wizard to be really good at healing and buffing his team, this staff actually reduces the effectiveness of any healing spells you cast in addition to your damaging spells.

The increase in spell damage given to nearby wizards works for both friendly wizards and evil warlocks, so watch out!

It is argued that this staff is the least helpful support staff in the game (making it the least helpful staff period) as a wizard wielding it is severely weakened and the damage bonus aura is not powerful enough to make up for the reduction in damage that the wizard would do if not wielding it.

Some better support staves include: Staff of Life, Staff of the Dead, Staff of Deflection, and Shield Staff