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Description: Edit

The Staff of Life is a wieldable staff that can be found "growing" in several places. "The staff of Life is a peculiar item: it seems to spontaneously grow in gardens"

Passive Ability: Regeneration Aura. (Heals self shields as well)

Active Ability: Revive

Location: Edit

This staff can be found in many gardens all over the world. It looks like a tree or a plant, so it is easy to fail to see it. One excample of where it "growes" is the mere beginning of the 3. chapter: the Staff is set in the garden next to the first house you see. But there are several other places you can find this staff, too.

Opinion: Edit

As long as the staff is in use, it creates an aura of regeneration around the wielder, and can be used to Revive fallen teammates. The regeneration aura produced by this staff will heal allies and enemies. This results in a staff, quite usefull in groupes of 3 or more Magickans. The Aura can even deal Damage to the undead enemies in chapter 9 and 10. The staff is also quite common, which makes it even better. Still, if you play solo or your teammates have a heal-Immunity because of their robes, the staff is just a waste of your only staff-socket. Even the Revive-Magick can easily be done with two keys (W + A). I do not recommend this staff for long use.