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Staff Information
Staff of life.jpg
Game Description: The staff of life is a peculiar item: it seems to spontaneously grow in gardens.
Passive: Regeneration Aura
Active: Revive
  • Chapter 1: North of the woman with an exclamation point above her head, between the gate and garden plot.
  • Chapter 3: Near the chapter's beginning in a garden beside the first house you see.
  • Chapter 5: To the right on a big field after the small town.
  • Chapter 9: In the village outside the Count's castle, to the far right.

The Staff of Life is a relatively useful tool when found in Chapter 1, especially for new players. First timers are saved from the mundane casting of Life on themselves for small wounds. However, this staff tends to lose its value as you progress through Magicka, as the enemies grow in strength and ability.


  • Regeneration Aura heals your wizard at a rate of 77 Hit points every 2-ish seconds. This regeneration aura used to regenerate the user's shield, but no longer does so after the Magicka: PVP update.
  • Revive Magick can be used to revive fallen human players. Ability can be used every 15 seconds.
  • Best Use: As a Party Support in multiplayer, as the Passive Effect saves you the trouble of having to heal your party-mates (and self!),

and the Active Ability allows you to fire off a Revive Magick faster than casting it the 'traditional' way.


  • Best staff found in Chapter 1.
  • Fastest way to cast Revive on a fallen human player (1 button press).
  • When no shield is active, the aura will heal the player without the need for healing spells.
  • Revive does not require lightning, meaning that it can be cast while wet.
  • Due to the constant healing effect, poisons and bleeding status effects can be automatically removed.


  • In single player campaign, loses its value and will be replaced quickly.
  • Reload time between casting Revive makes it useless if your fellow human players die often.
  • Aura heals nearby enemies as well, making it difficult to kill creatures in close combat.
  • Aura breaks Invisibility Magick.
  • Makes melee or close ranged poison weapons redundant.
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