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Staff Information
Staff of war.jpg
Game Description: The staff was specially crafted for warfare, and is designed to help the wielder survive just a little bit longer.
Passive: Physical Resistance Aura & Double wielder's maximum hit points
Active: Arcane Bolt

The Staff of War is one of the more commonly encountered staves and a good overall weapon for those who expect to find themselves in close combat.


  • Physical resistance aura reduces physical damage by 75%, and it's the most common type dealt by most melee attackers, some shooters and several spells like pure earth projectiles.
  • It doubles the wielder's hit points (from 1000 to 2000 for most robes).
  • Active ability: Shoots an arcane bolt.
  • Best Use: Survival


  • With this a wizard can withstand 8 times more physical damage and 2 times more of any other type.
  • Commonly Found/Dropped.
  • Prevents one-hit kills by dwarf priests' earth spells, War Troll's hammer bash, and other usually frustrating adversaries.


  • The active ability is nearly useless - arcane bolts are a spam spell so a single cast does little damage.