Staff Information
Staff of the white wizard.jpg
Game Description: The white wizard was once a different color, but returned to Midgård once again to aid his fellow wizards in their quest. Then subseqently died.
Passive: Increased light radius
Active: Fear-causing light
Location: Chapter 1: In the chest behind the wooden door to your left after you exit Castle Aldrheim. Chapter 7: Same location as in Chapter 1.

The Staff of the White Wizard is the very first staff you will find in Chapter One in a secret area just outside Castle Aldrheim and is often overlooked as a result. Fear can actually be very useful to get new players out of a jam when they are overwhelmed. Most people do not understand how to use an Active Ability so early in the game (the game tutorial does not teach it), so it usually goes unused.


  • Active ability of Fear with a 20 second cooldown.
  • Best Use: When being overwhelmed with nearby foes. Fleeing enemies make very easy targets for beam spells.


  • Functions well as a Panic Button of sorts. Cast it when overwhelmed.
  • Scared enemies will often run off ledges, making this staff an excellent choice for chapter 3, or the mind duel battles against Grimnir in Chapter Six.
  • Effective in chapter 8, in the mines.


  • Long cooldown of 20 seconds limits its usefulness.
  • No useful Passive Abilities.
  • Quickly replaced by the Staff of Life or others.


  • Looks very similar to the staff Gandalf the White carried in Peter Jackson's movie adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.