Level Crowns Price Icon Name Stats Description
N/A N/A N/A Icon Founder's Staff.png Founder's Staff* Earth (D) +15, Water(Q) -15 These fine staffs were made by the (Junior) Grand Staff Master for officers in the Wizard Wars. It is as fancy in combat as it is to look at.
N/A N/A N/A Icon Staff of Default.png Staff of Default None A staff made by wood carvers from the providence of Default. Sorry..."Defaulté."
N/A N/A N/A Icon The Excelsior Line.png Excelsior Line* Health -100, Movement Speed +4% A walking stick made for traversing the land of the dead. A real beauty, and the compass in the handle surely will come in handy too.
? 10000 6.99 Icon Acolyte's Staff.png Warlock's Staff Death (S) +10, Fire (F) -10 A gem charged with the Death element sits atop this otherwise normal staff.
? 10000 1.49 Icon Charred Staff.png Charred Staff Death (S) -10, Fire (F) +10 A normal staff mildly destroyed by a powerful fire gem.
? 10000 1.49 Icon Rock Staff.png Rock Staff Earth (D) +10, Lightning (A) -10 A staff imbued with the element of Earth.
? 10000 1.49 Icon Thunder Staff.png Thunder Staff Earth (D) -10, Lightning (A) +10 A lighting imbued staff for training (and recreational) uses.
? 15000 1.49 Icon Druid's Cane.png Druid's Cane Life (W) +10, Shield (E) -10 A common staff used by the druids of the forest. The ones that say "Ni"
? 15000 1.49 Icon Icicle Staff.png Icicle Staff Cold (R) +10, Water(Q) -10 Crowned with a gem which makes air around it freeze instantly. Whatever you do, don't lick it. It tastes awful anyway.
? 15000 1.49 Icon Protective Staff.png Protective Staff Life (W) -10, Shield (E) +10 A staff designed to enable the wielder to travel across dangerous countries without being robbed. The previous owner didn't really know how to use it though.
? 15000 1.49 Icon Trident.png Trident Cold (R) -10, Water(Q) +10 A treasure found in a sunken ship, next to a dead, giant squid lady.

* Only available for those who pre-ordered the Alpha version of Magicka: Wizard Wars.

** Only available to the Developers of Magicka: Wizard Wars.