State Description Reversed by self casting
Wet Recognized by dripping clothes. Attempting to conjure a lightning element whilst in this state will damage a wizard and cause him to lose charges. Thus, it is impossible to cast any spell involving a lightning element while wet. Wet characters also take twice as much damage from lightning spells. Being Wet will remove Grease/Burning. Fire (F) or Shield (E)Water(Q)
Burning Recognized by burning clothes/body, burned characters also take a small amount of damage over time. When applied repeatedly, "On Fire" stacks up to 120 damage per tick. Burning will remove Wet. Water(Q) or Shield (E)Fire (F)
Panicked Your character runs around waving his/her arms in panic, briefly stopping casting and removing control of your character from the player. This happens whenever the damage per tick from burning is over a threshold. Water(Q) or Shield (E)Fire (F)
Greased Caused by standing in the arc of fire of Grease's spray (not when walking on grease patches). The effects of grease are not noticeable visually. However, greased characters take twice as much damage from fire spells. Being Greased will remove Wet. Water(Q)
Poisoned Recognized by a green health bar and violent vomiting. The character is slowed and takes a small amount of damage over time. Click the name for more information. Life (W)
Chilled Recognized by white-blue color. A wizard or enemy's movement, attacking and spell-casting is slowed. If not cured of this condition, a character will thaw out over time. Being Chilled will remove Burning. Fire (F) or Shield (E)Cold (R)
Frozen Frozen results from a wet character being hit by a Cold (R) effect. Recognized by ice covering your wizard. Your wizard cannot move and can only cast self spells. If not cured of this effect, a character will thaw out over time. Frozen characters take 3 times the usual damage from arcane/physical damage/spells. Being Frozen will remove Burning. Fire (F)
Shocked Recognized by a visible skeleton effect. Interrupts whatever you're doing with an animation which stops movement, casting and attacks. Caused by all spells that contain a Lightning (A) element. Temporary
Knocked down Your character must stand back up before casting anything other than self spells and Teleport. Caused by Earth (D) spells and any spell or attack that causes knock-back. Can also be caused when being hit by melee attacks when having Shield (E) cast on yourself. Temporary
Fearful The fear Magick can only affect enemies, it causes them to run away from the caster in terror. Nullify
Charmed The charm Magick can only affect enemies, it causes them to stop attacking the charming wizard and his allies, and attack the wizard's enemies instead. Nullify
Confused Caused by Fafnir, it swaps your 2 rows of elements and causes you to move in the opposite direction. Nullify
Hastened Caused by casting the Magick Haste on yourself, or equipping a Knife of Counter-Striking. Movement speed is increased and bright shadows trail movements. Nullify