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Reason: "An abomination worse than Daemons"
Weapon Information Stung.jpg
Game Description: A masterly crafted elven blade.
Damage: Medium Physical
Special: Fast, Glows when enemies are near
Location: Chapter 8: Head to the lower west corner after entering the dark section of the mines with power generators. Cast a spray of fire on the legs of the examinable platform that gives the message, "It looks wobbly..." to make it collapse into a bridge and follow it across the gap. Head north along the ledge to retrieve the sword. Queued cold elements and cold sprays can provide bursts of light if you are having difficulty seeing.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Stung is a reference to Sting from the writings of Tolkien, which is an elven crafted dagger, that glows when orcs are near.