Summon Death Information Magick summondeath.png
Game Description: It is a powerful ability indeed, to call upon the aid of he who controls the ethereal realm. Be cautious though, for the reaper will claim whoever nearby is closest to death.
Combination: Arcane (S)Cold (R)IceCold (R)Arcane (S)
Keycode: SRRQRS
Location: Chapter Ten: Given to the player after defeating Death.

Spell effects[]

Summon Death summons Death which proceeds to kill the unit with the lowest percentage health within a 40 distance radius of the caster. All units that are not Undead are considered by Death, including the caster, his allies and his minions. Some bosses do not count as units, particularly the ones that do not move.

The direction the wizard is facing (or where the mouse cursor is) is not relevant. Death will appear exactly 7 distance away (if possible) from the selected target in a random direction, give or take up to 3 distance leeway due to the absence of firm ground or the presence of obstructions. Death will not appear closer than 4 distance or longer than 10 distance from the selected target. Once summoned, game time will slow down to 25% of the usual speed (does not stack with Time Warp) and the game scene will desaturate to 50% of its usual colors.

Death himself is not slowed down by the passage of time (or by Time Warp) and will start to move towards its selected target's position with the speed of 8 (wizards move at the speed of 5). The target position Death travels to is not updated even if the selected target moves or teleports away. Death ignores the presence of any shield bubbles and walks through them. On reaching the target's position, it will swing its scythe at the position and all units the scythe touches (by collision mesh) is dealt Arcane damage equal to its current hitpoints. This damage is dealt directly to the unit and ignores shields, resistances and immunities and is effectively an instant kill. Death will then despawn and the game time will speed back up to normal. If the selected target dies before Death reaches it, Death will also despawn.

Death is an ethereal unit with 1 hp. Death can be despawned by casting Nullify. Death can be made corporeal by casting Corporealize and subsequently killed by any attack that consists of the Life element.


  • Allows the player to kill an enemy very quickly as long as he is on higher percentage health.
  • Good when the caster is at full health and when combined with Raise Dead where the summoned Zombies will distract the enemies and bring their health below 100% since Summon Death will not target the Zombies.
  • Can be used with Teleport to perform incidental kills on units that otherwise will not be targeted by Death.


  • Death can be despawned by casting Nullify.
  • Fairly annoying when cast in a multiplayer game.
  • Will not target undead units or non-standard units (bosses that do not move).


  • Summon Death can be used to kill units it will not normally target such as bosses that do not move and undead units. This is achieved by making Death target a unit standing next to the intended target, so that there is incidental kill damage.
  • In single player, if you cast Summon Phoenix immediately after Summon Death marks you for death, you will be resurrected just after Death kills you, allowing you to continue the game.
  • A common technique for speed runs is to stand next to a boss such as Fafnir and cast Summon Death and have Death target the caster (by being lowest on percentage health). Before Death's scythe lands, the caster teleports away and it will hit the boss and kill it in one hit.
  • Death is a travel agent and a friend of Vlad.