Teleport Information Magick teleport.png
Game Description: In a hurry to get somewhere? That pesky barrier blocking your way? Teleportation is the key to lightning-fast travel. Don't want to strain those legs now, do you?
Combination: Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)
Keycode: ASA
Location: Chapter Seven: On the broken walkway to the left from the start of the chapter. Can also be obtained in the same location in Chapter One with difficulty by using landmines to propel yourself up to the walkway.

Spell effects[]

Teleport instantly moves the caster 10 distance forward in the direction the wizard is facing onto firm ground. If the destination is not firm ground, then the nearest available firm ground to the destination is chosen. This means that it:

  • Will not place the caster over empty space where the caster will plummet to death.
  • Will not place the caster over a water body, even if the water surface is frozen or normally frozen, hence there is zero risk of drowning.
  • Meanwhile, some people report being killed numerous times by teleport in Lava Caverns Chapter Eleven. When trying to teleport to some rubbled path, surrounded by lava, wizard was instead teleported to the lava near the path.

However, the destination can contain dangerous spell effects left by wizards such as landmines, Grease patches on fire and Vortex. Teleport can be used to travel in and out of a shield bubble. While teleporting is instantaneous, the caster cannot move at the destination for 1 second as he recovers from the casting animation.

Teleport is considered a self-cast spell and can be cast while:

  • Being grabbed by enemies. The caster recovers after the usual 1 second cast animation.
  • Knocked down. The caster recovers after the usual 1 second cast animation.
  • Frozen. The caster remains frozen at the destination.
  • Falling. The caster may save himself while falling into chasms or over cliffs.

Teleport can be used to sequence-break Adventure Mode by allowing the player to skip past entire areas and scenes. Notable locations include:

The Teleport Magick can also be found on the Aristo-Staff as its active ability with a cooldown of 10 seconds. The Rod of Emergency Teleport has a related active ability called Emergency Teleport with a cooldown of 6 seconds which functions exactly like Teleport, with the exception that the destination is chosen randomly within a radius of 20 distance, rather than directed by the direction the wizard is facing.

Obtaining Teleport in Chapter One[]

Teleport is normally obtained in Chapter Seven as part of the adventure and is not meant to be obtainable in Chapter One, although players will walk past its location and wonder how to reach its location. However, it is possible to use landmines to propel players up onto the walkway where the Teleport Magick is. As the technique and positioning is difficult to describe, video links serve as the best references:

The developers have stated that sequence breaking is "part of the gaming experience" and that this exploit will remain in the game.


The following achievement requires the use of Teleport:

Ach airborne.jpg

101st Airborne
Jump off a cliff and save yourself by teleporting.


  • Allows the player to skip past areas and monsters he does not wish to engage with.
  • Frees the player from being grabbed to a much safer location.
  • Allows the caster to reach areas that are inaccessible otherwise (some secrets and items).
  • Can teleport to areas that enemies cannot reach, allowing the caster to heal and revive mates.
  • Cannot be countered other than by wetting the enemy wizard casting it.
  • Able to save the caster from being knocked off platforms to their death if it is cast quickly enough while falling.
  • Allows for very fast traveling.
  • If the wizard can cast it quickly, it can enable to move faster than with Haste.


  • Cannot be cast while wet as it requires the Lightning (A) element. If a wizard often casts whole barrages of Teleports to go to some far place, he can kill himself before he even realizes that he is wet.
  • The Aristo-Staff can cast Teleport faster and can be used while wet.
  • Unlike Haste, it needs to be recast repeatedly and thus makes combat difficult.


  • Teleport is used by Dwarf Warriors. They frequently kill themselves trying to cast Teleport when wet.
  • The game developers have stated that they encourage sequence breaking after seeing videos of players obtaining Teleport in Chapter One rather than the intended Chapter Seven.