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The Aristocrats.jpg
Species Goblin
Appearances Unknown
Weaknesses Opposite of the element resembled by the cloaks color
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The Aristocrats are goblins that presumably stole the staves and robes of wizards. When you approach them, the leader will teleport out of the ring. Groups of four goblins with robe color matching their element will teleport in as you kill another group of four. After all the mages are killed the leader will teleport in.

Tip: An easy way to do this, is to embue your sword with some strong mines and cast AoE mines while standing in the middle of the stone circle with the eagle, when the last goblin of wave 1 dies. RAPIDLY teleport out of the mine circle then, and watch goblins teleporting/spaning/dying in the mines. When the boss finally appears try to teleport to the sport were he lands and cast the mines on your sword where he would land. If using Arcane-imbued rock walls, you can cast nullify for a slightly safer version of the same Tip: Another way is to stand in the middle of the eagle and drop S-S-S-S-E Area mines around you after every wave, keeping up some sort of protection. The final goblin can be more easily killed if some sort of chill mine is dropped before he teleports in, after the second to last wave appears.

Another easy way is to cast grease onto the eagle emblem and set it afire. Spam grease around the center, and as the goblin mages teleport in they'll fry.

An easy way is to cast fear on the stairs near the top of the screen, causing the black robed boss-goblin to run into the ring, where he can be swiftly dispatched. Killing the black robed goblin concludes the fight immediately. Simillarly, the robed goblins in the crowd are able to be struck by electric magic, and can be killed out of sequence.

If you have completed the game and are on a second playthrough, casting vortex on the stone eagle will instantly win the fight, however, you lose the opportunity to get either the goblin staff or the aristo-staff, as items are destroyed when the wielder is sucked into the vortex.


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Defeat the Aristocrats.