The Glade - Prancing around in the glade, your party is attacked by creatures of the forest.

The Glade is a multiplayer map from Challenge mode that resembles a clearance in a forest.


Wave Enemies
01 Goblin Rogue (x4), Goblin Ranger (x2)
02 Beast Raider (x4), Beast Brute (x1)
03 Goblin Shaman (x1), Goblin Rogue (x14), Goblin Ranger (x6), Goblin Bomber (x5)
04 Forest Troll (x3 Unarmed)
05 Beast Raider Alpha (x2 Lightning), Beast Raider (x8), Beast Brute (x2)
06 Goblin Bomber (x12), Goblin Hood (x2), Goblin Ranger (x12)
07 Orc Scout (x7), Goblin Rogue (x14), Goblin Shaman (x1)
08 Druid (x3), Beast Brute (x8), Beast Brute Alpha (x2 Earth, x1 Fire)
09 Forest Troll (x2 Armed), Goblin Hood (x9), Goblin Ranger (x15)
10 Beast Brute Alpha (x3 Fire), Beast Raider Alpha (x2 Lightning), Orc Scout (x9), Orc Berserker (x6)
11 Goblin Rogue (x15), Goblin Bomber (x12), Beast Raider (x10), Beast Raider Alpha (x1 Lightning, x1 Water)
12 Beast Chieftain (x1), Beast Brute Alpha (x1 Fire, x1 Earth), Beast Raider (x18), Beast Brute (x8)
13 Goblin Shaman (x1), Goblin Rogue (x36), Goblin Hood (x3), Goblin Bomber (x12), Goblin Ranger (x21)
14 Beast Brute (x20), Beast Brute Alpha (x2 Earth, x2 Fire)
15 Goblin Hood (x18), Beast Raider Alpha (x3 Lightning, x3 Water)
16 Goblin Shaman (x4), Forest Troll (x4 Armed, x4 Unarmed)
17 Orc Berserker (x13), Orc Scout (x16), Goblin Hood (x6), Goblin Bomber (x15)
18 Beast Brute Alpha (x3 Fire), Beast Raider Alpha (x3 Lightning), Orc Berserker (x9), Orc Scout (x15)
19 Forest Troll (x4 Armed), Beast Brute Alpha (x3 Earth, x3 Fire), Beast Brute (x4)
20 Beast Chieftain (x1), Beast Brute Alpha (x2 Earth, x2 Fire), Beast Raider Alpha (x1 Lightning, x1 Water), Forest Troll (x3 Unarmed), Druid (x4)


NOTE: Since the pvp update and the subsequent nerfing of a lot of spells, this guide is not as effective as it used to be. While it still works, I would advise that you experiment with other combos.

The glade features large groups of enemies in a wide open space. Because of the sheer size of some of the packs, beam spells are not recommended. The channel time leaves you vulnerable to attack, meaning you may be hit by a large volley of arrows, or a knockdown which may lead to fatal damage. This guide will take you though each wave, step by step. Please note: This guide is based around a solo run. These strategies may not be ideal for a team run, due to friendly fire. For ease, I will list some useful spells here and what I will be referring to them as:

  1. Lightning Barrage: IceIceIceArcane (S)Lightning (A) This spell fires a volley of shards that deal around 600 damage a peice. They pass through enemies and an enemy can be hit by more than one. This makes it ideal for defeating large groups of enemies or for large ones at close range. This is your best friend throughout this guide. (Or was before the pvp update, they nerfed this spell by about 80%)
  2. Ice Spark Wall: IceShield (E)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) This is ideally put on your weapon (Shift + left click) to produce a high damage line of of ice that causes lightning damage to those around it. There are few enemies in this challenge mode that this will not kill. All but the Trolls and Beastmen Chieften will fall to this if wet.
  3. Druid Protection: SteamFire (F)Shield (E) The most dangerous enemies in this map (and arguably, one of the most dangerous in the entire game), are the druids. This simple spell will protect you from all of their spells. If a druid is alive and you do not have this or some other variant (SteamLightning (A)Fire (F)Arcane (S)Shield (E)), then you are asking to be killed.
  4. Emergency heal button: Earth (D)Life (W) This cast on self will drop a rock on you that heals you and anything in an AOE. This can be spammed much faster than just Life (W) and does more healing. However, it will also heal anything near you. If nothing is in the heal's range or you desperately need healing, use this. Healing an enemy a bit is much better than dying.

Magicks drop randomly out of Chests. The guide will list where certain Magicks may be useful. But don't panic if you don't have the Magick listed, alternatives will be provided.

List of useful Magicks:

  1. Haste and Teleport: If you can get either of these, then great! You now how an emergency button that will help to stop you getting backed into a corner. The games quite generous at giving these out and honestly, at least one of them is near essential.
  2. Conflagration: Goblins will panic (or in the case of bombardiers, explode) if set on fire. Conflaguration is a great spell for disrupting large numbers of them. The fire damage will likely kill them as well.
  3. Nullify: Useful for dispelling the Druid's rain and firewalls. Only useful against Druids though.
  4. Thunder Bolt: If they aren't Lightning immune (purple aura) and they are big, use this to deal amazing damage. It deals 5,000 to the tallest target in the direction the player is facing, 10,000 to wet targets, enough to one shot nearly anything!
  5. Vortex: Its a black hole that sucks anything that comes near it inside, crushing it into giblets. You get this and so long as you avoid being sucked into it yourself, you're golden.
  6. Raise Dead: Useful on most waves. They are weak, don't do much damage but they do poison enemies (Won't work on the druids) which slows them and causes them to take minor damage over time.
  7. Summon Elemental: Excellent spell. You now have an army of tough, healing monsters who will distract enemies attention and smack them about for you. Before using this, wait til there are only a few enemies left and idealy, slow them. Then summon a bunch of elementals before turning them all into Arcane or Cold elementals.
  8. Fear: Excellent panic button.
  9. Invisibility: Another excellent panic button.

And some general tips:

  1. Keep moving - This map features large numbers of archers and enemies that like to knock you down. All of their AI focuses their attack on where you are. If you keep moving, they will rarely (if ever) hit you.
  2. Look for the chests - At least 1 Sapient Pearwood Luggage will spawn each round. These die very easily, having only around 600 hp. They're AI makes them cowards although they may sometimes bite you. However, when killed they drop either a peice of equipment or a Magick!!! These are important, get them if possible. Later on, they become less important as you will likely have a useful arsenal.
  3. Don't go to the corners - Being cornered is the last thing you want. Stay in the middle as much as possible and look for gaps when you need to run.

Wave 1

The Goblin Rogues will try to grab you or do minor damage in melee. The Goblin Rangers will stand and shoot the moment they get in range. Gun them all down with Lightning Barrage.

Wave 2

Beast Raiders will jump at you so keep moving and they will miss, then turn around and blast them will a close range lightning barrage. The Beast Brute moves so slowly, he should never get into range. If he does get close, he will attempt to charge and knock you flying. He shouldn't hit you if you keep moving and a lightning barrage or two will take him out.

Wave 3

Handle the Goblin Rogues and Goblin Rangers in the same way as before. However this wave's priority target is the Goblin Bombers. These throw bombs that deal heavy damage and knock you flying, but they explode when set alight so use Fire (F)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) to destroy the lot of them from long range and probably take a large number of goblins with them. If a bomb gets near you, you can push it way by right licking or Shift + right clicking with no spells queued to push them back. The Goblin Shaman is annoying, but he shouldn't pose a problem. He will try to wet you with water rocks so either put a water ward (Water(Q)Shield (E)) on yourself or dry yourself whenever he does so. He will also use a fire beam, but will usually miss and barbeque other goblins.

Wave 4

Forest Trolls are big, slow but hit very hard and have a lot of hp. Slow them and then use lightning barrage or a blizzard ball (IceIceIceIceEarth (D)) to defeat them easily. Your Ice spark wall maye also be used to great effect. Alternatively, wetting them and hitting them with a freezing beam (Arcane (S)Cold (R)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) will keep them frozen until they die.

Wave 5

Here you have some Beast Raider Alphas that have a lightning immunity aura to deal with. They behave a lot like the brutes you've already fought and their lightning aura doesn't protect them from your Lightning Barrage so gun them down. It does protect them from the Ice spark wall though. Handle the Beast Raiders and Beast Brutes in the same way as you did before.

Wave 6

Lot of Goblin Bombers so use the lightning and fire spell you used before and enjoy the show. Goblin Hoods and Goblin Ranger are essentially faster firing and more damaging versions of the archers you fought before. The same rules and strategies apply.

Wave 7

Orc Scouts are essentially Goblin Rogues with attitude. They will do hefty damage in melee and will try to grab you. The difference is that the orcs will hold you in place and leach health from you if they grab you. If this happens, use any spell featuring Arcane (S) or Earth (D) as an AOE (Shift + Right click) to free yourself faster than hammering the space bar. They will also stop and shake themselves dry if you make them wet. Goblin Rogues and the Goblin Shaman should be handled like before.

Wave 8

This is where things get tricky. You have 3 Druids to contend with so pop your Druid protection aura that I mentioned earlier and go to town with your Lightning Barrage. Druids are the priority here but remember to renew the aura regularly. Druids can and will kill you incrediably fast without it. They also summon slow moving but tough Treant minions. They are slow enough that they can be ignored. You can also grab a dead druid's staff to summon some of your own, which works well as they are very tanky. You also get a large number of Beast Brutes and 3 Beast Brute Alphas, 1 with a fire immunity aura and 2 others with an aura which doesn't appear to do anything, but they will launcha quake in a straight line in front of them. Just dodge that and gun them down with your Lightning barrage.

Wave 9

Forest Trolls carry trees this time, which increases their range but they should be killed last because they are so slow. Just lightning barrage the Goblin Hoods and Goblin Rangers first.

Wave 10

3 Beast Brute Alphas that come with fire auras,making nearby allies immune to fire. There are also 2 Beast Raider Alphas that are the raiders we fought before and should be handled in the same way. They deal lightning damage but their damage appears to be only slightly higher. Orc Scouts are the same as before. However, the Orc Berserkers can be tough to deal with. They are much faster than their scout counterparts and carry large, 2 handed clubs. They will wreck you very quickly in melee so don't let them get that far! Blast them with lightning barrage from both close and long range. If they get close, slowing them or using Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q) can be useful if your not quick enough to make a lightning barrage to kill them outright.

Wave 11

Goblin Rogues will die quickly and in large numbers to Lightning barrage.Goblin Bombers mean you use fire and lightning to blow them up easily.Beast Raiders and Beast Raider Alphas mean you have to keep moving to avoid being knocked down. One of the alphas is water based and will wet you if your hit so dry yourself to avoid taking more damage from the other alpha who is lightning flavor.

Wave 12

Beast Chieftain - Ok, Hes big and stompy and if you let him into melee, he will tear you apart. He does a quake that knocks you down around him and he does an even longer range one in front of him, which will allow his helpers to pick you apart and get him into melee range. Just stay far away from him until you've killed everything else and blast him with long range beams or Earth (D) Projectiles. The other enemies are nothing new or special.

Wave 13

1 Goblin Shaman and then alot of Goblin Rogues, Goblin Hoods, Goblin Bombers and Goblin Ranger. Take out the bombers with your fire and lightning spell, then spam lightning barrage to finish everything else off. This shouldn't pose a problem for you.

Wave 14

Beast Brutes and Beast Brute Alphas. This entire wave is slow, so you shouldnt have much bother.

Wave 15

Goblin Hoods pepper you with arrows from long range while the fast Beast Raider Alphas keep you locked down. Thats the plan anyway. Just keep moving and lightning barrage anything that moves.

Wave 16

4 Goblin Shamans and 8 Forest Trolls. Due to the sheer number of trolls, it can be hard to avoid them all or to shoot at the shamans, so don't bother trying to target the shamans until you've thinned the trolls out a bit using Lightning barrage. If the oppotunity comes to take out a shaman, do so. They are the bigger threat.

Wave 17

Orc Berserkers will rush you, forcing you to take them out first. Its worth using Shield (E)Cold (R) to slow them, while you take them out with lightning barrage. Then, you should kill the Goblin Bombers with your fire and lightning spell or conflagration. Finish off the orcs and archers with Lightning barrage.

Wave 18

You've got Beast Raider Alphas and Orc Berserkers that will rush you, so spam Lightning barrage like you never have before, possibly employing a Ice sparkwall on the berzerkers. The berzerkers will close in on you, making it hard to avoid the alpha's attacks. If you get hit once, it will be hard to recover so the plan is to reduce the berzerkers to giblets before they get close. After that, you have some fire immune brutes and some orc scouts which shouldn't pose a problem.

Wave 19

Forest Trolls, Beast Brute Alphas and Beast Brutes. All slow, all bulky, all Lighning Barrage fodder.

Wave 20

This is it, the finale. You have a chieftain, 4 brute alphas, 2 raider alphas (one who will make you wet), 3 trolls and most importantly, 4 druids and their accompanying minions. Your druid protection aura should be up all the time. However, precision is key here. The raider alphas will most likely die first since they will be in there first. The rest of the combatants (apart from the druids) can be avoided and ignored. By now, hopefully, you have some idea of their charge range and should be able to move to places to make the brutes a none issue, allowing you to focus on the druids. After the druids, come the brutes and any left over druid minions, which should all be killed with lightning barrage, while staying as far away as possible from the chieftain. The Chieftain should then be taken down with long range beam or projectile attacks.