The Headmaster as he appears in Magicka
Name The Headmaster
Species Human
Appearance Brown robe and bushy grey beard
Alliance good
First Encountered At the beginning of the game, in the dining hall

The Headmaster is apparently the Headmaster at the academy you start off in. Upon talking to him he will say "I'm the Headmaster, I'm great". If you continue talking to him he will state various reasons why he is so great.

Why he's great[]

  1. "My rooms the biggest room in this castle"
  2. "I am the boss!"
  3. "I have a great, big, bushy beard." - A possible reference to the movie "Hot Fuzz"
  4. "My robes are made of real velour." - Most likely a reference to Zapp Brannigan, from Futurama, who boasts that his uniform is 100% velour.
  5. "I'm so dedicated to the Order, I've actually never left the castle"