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The king.jpg
The King as he appears in Magicka
Name The King
Species Human
Appearance Blue cape, brown beard and a crown
Alliance Good
First Encountered Chapter 4

The King of Havindr is first encountered as a hostage of Grimnir's disciples after the wizards battle through Havindr's streets into the castle. Strapped down to his throne as a giant pedal-powered drill inches towards his head, the wizards must destroy the machine and then defeat the Warlock leading the disciples. The King gets a fairly large amount of dialogue out of all the NPCs, much of it some of the best humor in the game.


James Bond Reference[]

When first encountering the king, a disciple (warlock) says: "No Mr. King, I expect you to die."

Star Wars Reference[]

On beating the Warlock, the King will pick him up from behind and throw him down a bottomless shaft, reminiscent of the end of the Emperor in the last Star Wars movie.

300 Reference[]

At the beginning of Chapter 5, he will be talking with a soldier who has his back to an open well who states that the entire battle is "madness." The King starts, but then agrees with the soldier, pressing the wizards into the role of siege breakers instead. The soldier can be tossed down the well for his troubles.

Star Trek reference[]

At the end of Chapter 5 introducing the fight with the Orc warlord Khan, the King will get to scream the famous line from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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