Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Order of Magick
Location Castle Aldrheim, Midgård
Appearances Magicka
Magicka 2

Thekk is the name of numerous characters featured in Magicka and Magicka 2.


The name Thekk applies to numerous wizards within the Order of Magick. They all appear during Chapter 1: The Fancy Menace at Castle Aldrheim.

A wizard named Thekk can be found outside the castle classroom, where he will inform the players that some other wizards are hosting a party downstairs.

Another wizard named Thekk can be found outside the castle, sitting at a table along with Oski, Sadr, and Vidrir arguing over which of their previous adventures to save the world was the most exciting, paralleling the players' adventure.

Magicka: Wizard Wars Edit

Thekk can be seen battling the enemy team as an easter egg. He's eventually overpowered and killed by his opponents.

Magicka 2Edit

The ghost of Thekk can be seen sitting around the table outside Castle Aldrheim in Chapter 1. Just like in Magicka, he is sitting alongside Oski, Sadr, and Vidrir having a heated discussion.