Time Warp Information Magick time warp.png
Game Description: Ever feel like your time is running out? This Magick enables you to slow down the flow of time so you can really savor those precious final moments.
Combination: Cold (R)Shield (E)
Keycode: RE
Location: Chapter Five: West of the checkpoint immediately after leaving The King's camp.

Spell effects[]

Time Warp causes gameplay to slow down to 50% of its usual speed, resulting in a "slow motion" effect. This Magick does not cause players to be able to perform any action relatively faster (you still take twice as long to queue spell elements), however it can buy precious seconds for the player to maneuver his mouse cursor and/or fingers to type out difficult combos. Along with the slowing down of time, the game scene also desaturates to 10% of its usual color.

The effects of Time Warp lasts for 15 real time seconds, during which approximately 8 seconds of game events will have happened at half the usual speed. It is not 7.5 seconds because the slowdown of game time is not instantaneous, game time will take 1+ real time seconds (actual time depends on the host's framerate) to slow down gradually to 0.5 (but never actually ever hitting 0.5), before speeding back up gradually to normal at the 14th real time second.


  • 0th second: TimeMultiplier = 1
  • 0-14th second: TimeMultiplier = TimeMultiplier + (0.5 - TimeMultiplier) * Elapsed real time since last update
  • 14-15th second: TimeMultiplier = TimeMultiplier + (1 - TimeMultiplier) * Elapsed real time since last update
  • 15th second: TimeMultiplier = 1

A similar formula is used for the color saturation (where the target saturation is 0.1 rather than 0.5 for the time multiplier).

Time Warp can be canceled by using Nullify.


  • Has a very short combination sequence so it can be cast quickly.


  • Fairly annoying when used in a multiplayer game.


  • Time Warp slows even the Haste Magick, if (Haste) is used when the Time Warp spell is active, the player will only move at normal speed (i.e. The speed if Time Warp is inactive).
  • The M60 machine gun is unaffected by Time Warp, meaning it will do twice as much damage in the same amount of "real" game time.