Tome lying on the ground during Challenge Mode.

Tomes are special books found throughout the Magicka series. They grant the wizards access to new Magick abilities.

Throughout Adventure mode, tomes may be found in set locations in each chapter. Finding them all earns the player the I put on my robe and wizard hat achievement.

Tomes also appear during Challenge mode, occasionally dropped as loot from chests and containing spells at random.

Tome Locations by chapter numberEdit

  1. Haste: Given automatically in the tutorial dungeon, just after the overflooded wine cellar.
    Crash To Desktop: Given automatically at the end of the tutorial dungeon.
    Grease: Over across the river just after getting out of the castle.
  2. Rain: Found in a cave to the left of the main road.
    Nullify: Found after the battle with the goblins that yell "Kalima".
  3. Thunderbolt: Found after killing the druids at the stone circle.
  4. Tornado: Found to the left just after jumping off the cart at the start of the chapter.
    Conflagration: Found by a brazier inside a building. Impossible to miss.
  5. Time Warp: Found to the left just after talking to Vlad on the bridge.
  6. Blizzard: At the beginning of the level on a small island to the right of the main path.
  7. Teleport: Just to the right of where the chapter starts.
  8. Summon Phoenix: Found on the road to the right after the bridge with a cutscene and goblins to fight.
  9. Raise Dead: Found in a mausoleum with alot of undead mages and skeletons.
    Fear: Found in the bookshelf to the left just after entering the count's house.
    Charm: Found to the right just after entering the count's house, leaning on a table.
  10. Summon Death: Gotten after defeating the boss at the end of the level.
  11. Summon Elemental: Found after the cutscene with the dwarf yelling at you, continue up over the bridge instead of going down and go through the gate.