Tornado Information Magick tornado.png
Game Description: Summons absolutely insane weather – with a twist!
Combination: Earth (D)SteamWater(Q)Steam
Location: Chapter Four: Before entering Havindr on the left of the main path in the trees by a shipwrecked airship.

Spell effects[]

Tornado summons a swirling brown twister with a radius of 2.5 in front of the caster 4 distance away that initially travels away with a speed of 4 in the direction that the wizard is facing (wizards have a speed of 5). It can change direction slightly on its own up to a maximum of 45° from its current direction of travel and any unit it touches in melee range will get knocked backwards onto the ground. Units knocked onto the ground by Tornado suffer no damage. Tornadoes last for 15 seconds and its direction of travel can be manipulated by Push (right click with no elements queued). Tornado can be cast indoors.

All Trolls, Treants (Tree Spirit, Traeskmonstir) and stationary bosses are immune to knock back and thus are not affected by Tornado.


  • Can be very annoying to dodge.
  • Can knock enemies off small islands.


  • Can be Nullified or Pushed (right click with no elements queued) away.
  • Has little effect if the target is encased in earth (Earth (D)Shield (E)+Self).
  • Does not affect large units such as trolls and trees.
  • Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)+Area water bomb, Water(Q) spray, Water(Q)Earth (D) water bolt, or even landmines can perform knock back much more reliably than Tornado.


  • Tornado is used by Grimnir.
  • Tornado does not interact with Vortex.