Tractor Pull Information Tractor Pull.png
Game Description: Every wizard knows how to push things around, but when it comes to attraction, most are clueless. This is precisely why Tractor Pull was created. It is very useful for pulling Books, Sausages, and other Items towards the caster. Use with caution around cutlery!
Combination: Earth (D)Arcane (S)
Keycode: DS
Location: Chapter 1 just after talking to vlad, smash the door to the left and hit the tree with a rock to let it drop.
This Magick is part of the Magicka: The Stars are Left DLC.

Spell effects[]

Tractor Pull is an environmental spell that pulls everything toward the caster, with a reduced effect on wizards


  • Fun to play with
  • Can bring in enemies for close combat spells


  • Can be annoying in multiplayer