Tree Spirit[]

Tree Spirit.png
Species Treant
Appearances Chapter 3
Weaknesses Fire
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It's a minion summoned using the Gnarled Staff obtained by killing Druids. It's weak against fire but has water absorption, making it immune to being wet and enabling you to heal your Tree Spirits using water-based spells. If you fight against them, use the Thunder Bolt or Nullify Magicks.


Species Treant
Appearances Chapters 9
Weaknesses Fire
Regeneration N/A
Speed Slow
Score Value 1,000

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Slow moving but will grab the player from a surprisingly long range. This will deal damage while grabbed and instantly crush a player beneath a certain hp (Approximately 25%). Also like Tree Spirits, a Traeskmonstir will heal from being hit by Water(Q).

Tactics & Behavior
They move very slowly, but grab the wizard when he's in range, dealing great damage over time. It's their only attack, though, and they can't use it against wizards with ice (IceShield (E)) or stone (Earth (D)Shield (E)) armors, so having one on will make them completely harmless. You can also use a cold squall (Shield (E)Cold (R)) to slow them down. Also, they have no way to attack walls (Shield (E) and either Earth (D) or Ice). This means that they can be used to hold the Traeskmonstir at bay, almost indefinately. They will also walk into the wall, if the wall stands between them and the wizard, allowing a player to use a volcano wall (Shield (E)Earth (D)Fire (F)) to deal heavy damage to them and keep them away from the wizard. Remember to stand back from the wall as they may grab wizards through it. An other nice method of killing them is charging up Nightmare Hailstones (Earth (D)Icex4), which should one shot the Traeskmonstir. You can also quickly cast the Thunderbolt magick twice to kill them at great distance.

Damage causes a Traeskmonstir to drop any wizard it is holding. If a wizard possesses the M60 and fires continuously at a Traeskmonstir, it will repeatedly grab and drop the wizard firing at it, causing no damage to the wizard.



  • The Traeskmonstír is based on the Mudman monster found in the game Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight. It has the same appearence and attack, bursting out of the ground and grabbing the player with long branchlike hands that pin and damage the player until they break free.
  • The name "Traeskminstír" is a slightly mangled version of the Swedish words "träsk" and "monstret", or "swamp monster". Amusingly enough, the data file for the monster is called "Swampthing".