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Trolls are large, scary, demiboss foes in Magicka. In Magicka's limited story, trolls once had a great civilization in the jarn and galdrholl mountains, where their ruins can be found. It is unknown why or how they fell from power. It is likely that Fafnir killed the trolls of the Galdrholl range, and possible that humans killed them in the Jarn mountains, but were then driven out by goblins.

All trolls regenerate unless on fire. They come in many varieties with many attacks, such as instant nomnomnoming, hammer crushing, and giant mortar blasting. Trolls often lead groups of smaller enemies. All trolls have atleast 6000 health and some form of oneshot ability (except the mortar troll, which is a ranged support unit). Having such large amounts of health, they take amplified damage from poison/bleeding.

Forest Troll[]

Forest troll unarmed.png


Max Hitpoints 6000
Species Troll
Appearances Chapter 2
Weaknesses Fire (F)
Regeneration 100
Speed 3
Score Value 1500

Forest trolls appear throughout Chapter 2. They are usually passive, however if you encroach upon their territory then you will be attacked. This makes them very easy to kill with a fully charged Earth (D)IceIceIceIce. Forest Trolls have large swing attack where they swing their wooden branch-club, and if you stay too close to them for too long, they may pick you up and eat you - slowly, this can be avoided by tapping spacebar or B on a gamepad. A Forest Troll also appears in Chapter 1 as the final boss fight, Ygg. By using the Were Vampire Claw, You have a chance to become a forest troll with a branch club. However, affecting yourself would require another player to strike you with it.

War Troll[]

War troll.png
Max Hitpoints 6000
Species Troll
Appearances Chapter 4, Chapter 5
Weaknesses unknown
Regeneration 100
Speed 5
Score Value 2000

Hammer Trolls

They try to get close to the wizard. At small distances, they perform a hammer attack dealing huge damage and killing unarmored wizards with one blow. Against targets which are too close to use the hammer, they use kick attacks which are less damaging but send wizards flying. They are easily killed by Thunderbolt Magick as they wear armor and are very tall. Wet troll can be killed with just one thunderbolt. Their attacks are powerful powerful, but limited and inaccurate so it's easy to avoid them, sometimes it's even no need for evading them as the trolls miss very often. A skilled wizard can use the trolls' attacks against goblins, orcs (they usually attack together with the troll) or other trolls.

Cannon Trolls

They are much more dangerous than hammer trolls. At large range they shoot projectile into the air ant it flies in an arc-shaped trajectory. On close range they use straight shots which are much harder to evade. If the wizard goes very close to them, they use their cannons as melee weapons and make swing attacks. Like with hammer trolls, their attacks can be used to kill other enemies.

Scythe Trolls

These guys appear only in Magicka: The Stars are Left DLC. They attack in melee like hammer trolls and behave like them, but attack with a scythe swing which deals less damage but send wizards flying, instead of a hammer smash.


  • If you want, keep them alive and use their hammer/cannon/scythe attacks against goblins, orcs and other trolls.
  • If you want them dead, cast two thunderbolts SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A). It will take two thunderbolts to kill them unless they're wet.
  • In The Stars are Left there is no possibility to use Thunderbolt Magick, but there is an opportunity to gain Frost Cleaver. Use it to freeze the trolls and then shoot Storm Ray (SteamSteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)) to kill them (in few seconds).
  • When you are against one Troll it is easy to freeze it and hit it with a couple of fully charged Boulders (Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)) or with a Nightmare Hailstone (Earth (D)IceIceIceIce), wich will obliterate the Troll.
War troll arbalest.png
Max Hitpoints 6000
Species Troll
Appearances Chapter 5
Weaknesses Thunderbolt Magick
Regeneration 100
Speed 5
Score Value 2000

Scythe War Troll.png
Max Hitpoints 6000
Species Troll
Appearances Chapter 1 (TSaL)
Weaknesses Unknown
Regeneration 100
Speed 5
Score Value 2000

Cave Troll[]

Cave Troll.png

Cave Troll Armed.png

Max Hitpoints 10000
Species Troll
Appearances Chapter 8
Weaknesses Unknown
Regeneration 100
Speed 4
Score Value 2200

Unarmed Trolls

Almost exactly like a Forest Troll. If you stand too close for too long the Cave Troll will pick you up and eat you in one bite. However, it's easy to break free as they do it slowly. Use Teleport Magick or repeatedly press spacebar. Best to kill with beams or Earth (D)IceIceIceIce fully charged, which will do more than 10000 damage. They are also vulnerable to Thunder Bolt Magick. They have one big advantage above other trolls - they are immune to burning.

Armed Trolls

They behave very similarly to hammer-wielding war trolls. Like their unarmed counterparts, they are immune to burning and vulnerable to Thunder Bolts.


  • Actually they have more HP than the Level 2 Boss, Ygg, by 4000 HP.

Snow Troll[]

Max Hitpoints 6000
Species Troll
Appearances Chapter 11
Weaknesses Fire (F)
Regeneration 150
Speed 9
Score Value 2500

A Snow Troll (or Yeti) is an arctic variation of a Troll. Snow Trolls are very deadly and are capable of one hit kills by grabbing you and devouring you, and they do it much faster than cave trolls. It's nearly impossible to break free before they do it, unless a Teleport Magick is already on the spellbar. Not only are Snow Trolls strong, but they are also fast. They are faster than a Forest Troll and a Cave Troll, and also faster than a wizard without haste. They are not the toughest trolls, but possibly the most dangerous, as their attack possibilities and speed make it hard to move from defense to offense! If the player is in Singleplayer, he may use a swing that deals 400 damage instead of his usual 1-hit kill, but he will still eat you on sight if you aren't quick witted enough to dodge.


  • Probably the safest way to kill a Snow Troll is to cast a Rock Shield (Shield (E)Earth (D)) and use the Steamelectric Beam Arcane (S)SteamSteamLightning (A)Lightning (A) twice. The Rock Shield guarantees that the Snow Troll(s) can not pick you up like a berry and eat you; in fact, you can bravely face the troll and the Rock Shield takes all the damage.
  • If the Snow Troll grabs you, set yourself on fire (Fire (F), self-cast) and the troll will drop you.
  • The Snow Troll will not be able to grab a player with a rock or ice shield (Shield (E)Earth (D) or Shield (E)Ice, self-cast).
  • Self cast Shield (E)Arcane (S)Fire (F) and quickly spam bursts of Arcane (S)Earth (D)Fire (F) (S-D-F). The trolls will die very quickly, easily before you are in range of an attack.
  • Use Charm Magick (Life (W)Shield (E)Earth (D), W-E-D) on them and kill them with a damage spell of your preference.
  • Surround yourself with a 4xEarthShield (Shield (E)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D) AoE). Then proceed to use Electric Wards (Shield (E)IceLightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)) sword imbue or steamlectric (Arcane (S)SteamSteamLightning (A)Lightning (A)) beam and show them a trick or two, as you fire through your own shield!!
  • Cast two thunderbolts SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A). Since they are taller than other units they will be targeted. (Alternatively, wet the troll and then cast a single thunderbolt as it will deal double damage to wet enemies)
  • Cast bubble shield and then Summon death Arcane (S)Cold (R)IceCold (R)Arcane (S). If death comes for you, dodge him when he raises his scythe and summon again. (Tip: Death will always target the unit with the lowest % health. hit the troll once and make sure youre full health if you dont want to risk death coming for you instead.)
  • Cast Fear Cold (R)Arcane (S)Shield (E) and then Steamlectric Beam Arcane (S)SteamSteamLightning (A)Lightning (A).
  • Imbue your sword with Cold Cold (R) (can also add Lightning (A) for bonus damage) and lay water mines Arcane (S)Water(Q)Shield (E). Once the mines make the troll wet, use your sword to freeze them (this is quicker than casting a cold spray). Then hit them with a freezing beam Arcane (S)Cold (R) (optionally, add Lightning (A) for more damage). The beam will keep the troll frozen until they are dead.
  • Cast a bubble shield then imbue Shield (E)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Fire (F)Fire (F) to hit outside your shield, sit and wait a few seconds (boosting the shield if needed)
  • In the livestream with totalbiscuit, the developers revealed that they will not grab you if you set yourself on fire.
  • Cast Shield (E)Water(Q) in front of him or wet him any other way, then just Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Cold (R) to freeze him and damage him at the same time


  • This is probably a reference to the Yeti in the windows 3.1 game "Ski Free" who is also extremely fast and devours you in one bite.