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Weapon Information (pending)
Game Description: A ridiculously advanced piece of equipment found in a crate in the basement of Castle Aldrheim. The phaser apparently has many different functions, but the wizards of Aldrheim have made sure that it is permanently set to stun.
Damage: Low Lightning
Special: Ranged, Lightning Stuns
Location: Magicka: Frontier, it is the default weapon for the Frontier Wizard.

The Type 2 Phaser appears in the Magicka: Frontier update and can only be obtained with the "Frontier Wizard" wizard model as the default starting weapon.


  • It is a ranged weapon, and behaves like a firearm. It is identical to the M1911 in base damage and rate of fire.
  • Unlike the M1911, it deals lightning damage, meaning it deals double damage versus wet opponents.


  • Ranged
  • Much more powerful than the M1911 versus wet opponents


  • Low damage per second
  • Useless versus lightning-resistant foes
  • It's set to "stun," not "kill"


The Type 2 Phaser is one of only four ranged weapons available as default weapons. Like the Blunt Blade, the Type 2 Phaser has likely been set to "stun" to prevent accidental injury.

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