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Veiditorp is a village in Chapter 2 that is located near Fornskogur Forest.

Some of the villagers are unfriendly towards wizards, such as an old lady who will insult you when you try to talk to her, as well as a man who will proclaim he too will be a wizard and "Put on my bath robe and prance around the forest". Other villagers are friendlier, one warning that there is war in the north, and another explaining why he doesn't like city life. It can be assumed that they are all (excluding Gram) either farmers or fishers, as Vlad states that "They are the one's who feed us...". Although, he could have been referring to his vampiric nature, Castle Aldrheim would have to get its food from somewhere.

Houses consist of buildings built partly in the ground, but why this would be done is unknown because it is normally done to conserve heat. Buildings are made from wood. Veiditorp has a small dock, most likely for small fishing boats and small merchant vessels. The large area outside Gram's Workshop (occupied by the Goblin Airship) could possibly be used as a market area. In fact, in The Stars Are Left, the airship has been converted into a shop managed by a woman.

Notable places

Notable People

Notable Notables

  • There is a Warhammer outside of Gram's Workshop
  • A Red Herring (literally) can be found in Veidtorp, hanging in the north of the village with the rest of the fish.
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