Vidrir and his mates outside the Castle.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Order of Magick
Location Castle Aldrheim, Midgård
Appearances Magicka
Magicka 2

Vidrir is a character featured in Magicka and Magicka 2.


Vidrir is a wizard in the Order of Magick. He appears during Chapter 1: The Fancy Menace, during which he can be found outside the castle, sitting at a table along with Oski, Sadr, and Thekk arguing over which of their previous adventures to save the world was the most exciting, paralleling the players' adventure.

Magicka 2

The ghost of Vidrir can be seen sitting around the table outside Castle Aldrheim in Chapter 1. Just like in Magicka, he is sitting alongside Oski, Sadr, and Thekk having a heated discussion.

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