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Vietnam Rescue Mission - Go on a dangerous mission deep inside enemy territory.

The Vietnam Rescue Mission is a scenario Challenge mission that comes with the Magicka: Vietnam DLC. The mission is set in the Vietnam war, and the Wizards have been called in to aid in the war effort. During the scenario, the wizards must complete objectives to gain points and they are aided in this by Cpt. Vlad (who only appears in cutscenes carrying an M60 and is essentially Vlad in 'Nam gear) and American GI soldiers. Vietcong forces consisting of Goblins, Orcs and Trolls carrying guns/modern weaponry are the enemies in this scenario (See Viet Cong). The only weapons available in this scenario are the Firearms. The only Magicks available in this scenario are following: Revive, Napalm, Haste and Time Warp.


Along the way players will encounter the following objectives to be completed, point scoring in this mission is heavily based on this, with a time bonus also being awarded.

  • 2 Radio Towers to destroy
  • 5 Prisoners to rescue
  • 1 Set of military plans to steal
  • 2 Ammo Storages to destroy
  • Successfully be extracted



Lead farmer
Kill 1000 enemies using firearms.
Easy to archive during this mission. Just pick up a firearm, and start killing goblins.


Good Company
Accomplish all objectives in the Vietnam rescue mission.
See Objectives above.


The Jungle[]

You will be dropped behind enemy lines, after 1:30 min you will have air support.

From the starting point head north. You will cross a small river and arive an intersection. Both ways lead to the same point.

Go east to arrive at the 1. Ammo Storage.

Go north to find an orange smoke signal along with the Haste Magick.

From there head north again. Near the end of the area head west to find the 1. Radio Tower.

Village and rice farms[]

From the starting point of this area head north again to find the village.

In the village you will encounter houses marked with a red flag. Destroy these houses to stop the Goblins from respawning.

In the village you will find the 5 missing soldiers. They are held captive at the same location.

Additionally you will find the 2. Ammo Storage as well as the 2. Radio Tower in the village.

Exit the Village and head west.

Extraction area[]

From the starting point of this area head north again.

From the main path head east to find an orange smoke signal along with the Time Warp Magick.

After following the main path again head west to find the Military Plans of the area.

The only thing left to do is to head north to the Extraction Point. There you will fight off the waves of enemies til the extraction team arrives.

Congratulations! Mission Accomplished!