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Vietnam Survival.jpg
Vietnam Survival - Make a heroic last stand, as Vietcong forces assault you from all directions

Vietnam Survival is a multiplayer Survival map from Challenge mode which pits you against Vietcong monsters in the Vietnamese Jungle. The Magicka: Vietnam DLC is required.

Useful Equipment

Rogue Robe (Invisibility by pressing CTRL)
Tesla Staff (Strong Lighting)
Aristo-Staff (Teleport)
Staff of War (High HP)
Time Warp
Summon Elemental
•Shield(E) + Variable Rock(D+D, at least) and selfcast(middlemouse), makes for excelent protection against shots


Note: Work In progress...
Note 2: The waves seem to have some randomness to the number of monsters.

Wave Enemies Napalms Used
01 Goblingcong (x13) 1
02 NGA Infantry (x5), Goblingcong (x?) 2
03 NGA Anti-Armor (x4), Goblingcong (x?) 2
04 NGA Anti-Armor (x?), Goblingcong (x?), Orc Grunt (x1) 1
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