CursedBlade VladsGauntlet

In-game description

Vlad's Gauntlet is a special wieldable weapon that replaces your staff. It is found lying on the ground at the start of Chapter 10 in Adventure Mode.


  • Passive Ability: Inverses damage taken from life
  • Passive Ability: Arcane Immunity
  • Active ability: Restore life by draining whoever is closest

Caveat: the "inverse damage from life" passive ability actually means you will take damage when trying to heal yourself with Life (this passive only kicks in after zoning, at which point it's too late to switch back to your previous staff). Note that it does not inverse the effect of Arcane, so the only way to heal yourself while wielding this "staff" is by draining life. Considering you can have Arcane immunity by casting Arcane Shield on yourself, the item is arguably worse than useless.

On the other hand, the Cyber and Space robe sets both confer life immunity (healing via lightning and innate regeneration) rendering the downside to Vlad's gauntlet moot. Wearers of these robes may find the gauntlet to be a viable choice.