Weapon Information
Game Description: A powerful hammer of the dark and gritty sort.
Damage: Medium physical
Special: Pushes targets back
Location: Chapter 2: On the anvil outside Gram's Workshop.

The Warhammer works in much the same way as Excalibur does, except without the penalty of a slow swing. Instead of knocking opponents down however, it knocks them back, buying you a little breathing room between swings.

You can grab it either during or after the Goblin Pirate attack. The Warhammer can prove useful during that fight however, as the knockback can push Goblins into bombs that you previously pushed away.


  • The warhammer, as well as its location (Gram's Workshop) are references to both the Warhammer Fantasy Tabletop Miniatures game, and its retail chain, Games Workshop. It even bears a striking resemblance to the thunderhammer, a weapon used in warhammer 40,000.
  • It is unknown if there is any bad blood between Arrowhead and Games Workshop, but in both locations that this hammer can be found in it parodys Games Workshop in a bad light. In the first place you encounter it, it shows Gram of Grams Workshop being extremely cowardly and hiding from some tiny goblins. In the second location it shows an orc jumping on the corpse of a soldier who was apparently wielding it.